Gender Equality Essay 100, 200, 500 Words

Until now, women remain unable to make a significant contribution and do not recognise their full potential. From the beginning, discrimination between men and women has been a common problem. The gender pay gap and the lack of access to education and employment opportunities are significant barriers to achieving gender equality. They can promote gender equality and punish gender-based violence through policies and laws.

ways to improve gender equality in society essay

Governments must ensure that women have equal access to school, work, and other opportunities and the right to make their own life decisions. Gender budgeting, which analyses government budgets to address gender imbalances, is an important instrument for gender equality. Gender equality has been a topic of discussion and debate throughout history. In ancient civilizations, women were often relegated to domestic roles and denied political and economic power. The Middle Ages saw the rise of chivalry and courtly love, which placed women on a pedestal but still denied them equal rights. The Industrial Revolution saw the entry of women into the workforce, but they were often paid less than men and faced discrimination in the workplace.

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Progressing towards this, the first step would be to acknowledge the huge amount of unpaid care work done by women which hold back their possibilities of boosting the economy in a more productive manner. Moreover, discriminated approach towards the maternity process leaves women workers at a larger risk of being less favoured and losing job opportunities as compared to a male worker. These problems have their roots in the perception and performance of the gender roles assigned by patriarchy. Sharing of responsibilities and coexistence in an equitable manner is what should be of the larger concern in society. It is along these lines that vocational training and skill development should be focussed upon. Unequal Pay One of the most prominent forms of gender discrimination is unequal pay.

The Role of women in social transformation

This includes challenging and changing harmful gender norms and stereotypes, and promoting policies and laws that protect and advance the rights of women and girls. Inequality and discrimination lie in the mindset the people hold and the way they approach it. Gender inequality affects everyone, be it children, women, transgenders or even men. Gender equality is a human right but there seems to be a certain gap in access to various opportunities as well as the decision making power for women and men. Women’s empowerment is an important aspect of bringing gender equality. Giving equal opportunities to women and guaranteeing them their equal share of rights, helps in not only achieving gender equality but also in a wide range of development goals. Conclusion Gender discrimination is a complex and multifaceted issue that affects individuals and societies across the world.

According to scholars, creating ties leads to empowerment since the rising existence of power imbalances in society is due to a lack of relationships needed to bridge them. Raising consciousness helps oppressed people recognize where they fit into the more effective social system and identify the source of their oppression. Awareness of their difficulties will spark self-mobilization, which will result in empowerment. Without an education, their futures and their families futures are constrained. It provides women with greater access and possibilities in the labor field, resulting in higher earnings and less isolation at home or exclusion from financial choices.